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ARAM Brand League of Legends Build Guide


How can I talk about the Aram brand without saying which selling point dominates in ARAM? Also, Aram brand is a long-range support mage that can deal heavy damage and stun enemy champions. And also consistently deal with an area of ​​effect damage.

And Aram brand, similar to Malphite or Singed, is a champion that will have your team yelling, “Don’t crowd!” Don’t bunch up!” Simply due to the amount of injury. He can continuously deal with if players don’t spread out. And also, as a passive of Brand, Blaze will cause enemies who have taken three ability hits from the brand to light up and shoot fire between other champions. Enemies within range.

Suppose enemy players don’t move enemies marked with Blaze’s three stack indicator, a ring around them. They risk Blaze (passive) exploding on them and giving them a stack. However, paired with the brand’s ultimate, Pyroclasm, a fireball that bounces from one enemy to another up to 4 times, adding Blaze (Passive) stacks shouldn’t be too difficult.

Aram brand League Aram brand’s

Aram brand League Aram brand's

If players can stun enemy champions before setting off Pyroclasm, this would be ideal as Pyroclasm could apply as many stacks of Blaze (passive) as possible. In addition, Aram brand’s Q, Sear, is a long-range directional attack that can stun enemies affected by Blaze (inactive). Finally, players should regularly use his W – Pillar of Flame when it’s not on cooldown, as Pillar of Flame is a high-damage AoE that can use to kill minions and destroy enemy champions.

Brand’s E, Conflagration, can set enemy champions on fire and deal AoE damage if enemies already have Blaze (passive) on them. The brand has a few combos as a primary combo move, though players will want to focus on building Blaze (passive) stacks on enemy champions using all available abilities.

A brand can quickly stun enemy champions using his Conflagration (E) and then Sear (Q) right after, or he can use Pillar of Flame (W) followed by Conflagration (W) to deal massive amounts of AoE damage. Brand’s ult, Pyroclasm (R), can be knitted anywhere within this rotation, though players should always prioritize using Pyroclasm (R) when all enemy champions are groups. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: Dope Marketing – Description, Team, Owner, and More


SUMMONER SPELLS: Flash, Heal or Ignite (depending on preference)

RUNES: Dark Harvest, Cheap Shot, Eyeball Collection, Ultimate Hunter // Manaflow Band & Transcendence



BUILD ORDER: Luden’s Echo, Sorcerer’s Shoes, Staff of Ages, Liandry’s Torment, Ryali’s Crystal Scepter, Morellonomecon



Aside from Brand’s Sear (W), the brand doesn’t have many escape routes as a champion. So he also has to rely on his teammates to get him through sticky situations.

Brand players will want to take Showy as one of their summoner spells. Losing brand damage can significantly impact the amount of damage dealt as a team.

In most cases, players will want to Flash when playing as the brand, as the brand’s abilities take too long to cast. The only time I can see players using Flash successfully to get into a team fight is when they have the Pyroclasm (R) cooldown. Otherwise, walking into battle is probably your best option. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: How Much Does A Marketing Project Manager Salary?


Players who are nervous about standing up and dealing with damage should be careful. Not only does Heal give players a good amount of health. It also offers players a speed boost to help them escape battle. And also can even help them catch up with a fleeing enemy champion who is ready for the fight. Healing is your best defensive option when it comes to playing brand.


If you go to the Vi brand on ARAM, remember that most players rush to the total damage elements. They don’t care about themselves with defense unless they go. So they roasted *shudder*. But I think the Vi Build standard works better. For example, black Cleaver syncs PERFECTLY with your passive W, giving you even more armor than usual. Trinity Force is an acceptable item but expensive. And also, there are fewer chances for you to get gold in the Aram brand.

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