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Mammaroo Multi-Motion Baby Swing


Welcome your newborn with Mammaroo multi-Motion Baby Swing. Putting your little one to sleep is easier with Mammaroo multi-Motion Baby Swing – the ideal gift to ensure happy babies and parents.

It helps newborns adapt more quickly to the new environment by mimicking the mother’s uterus and sensibility, thus allowing her newborn to establish good sleep patterns. As a result, well-rested babies play better, feed better, and grow better.

Mammaroo Swing Benefits

Mammaroo Swing Benefits


The Mammaroo is a baby swing that offers multiple movements and speeds, with buttons at the base that control movement, speed, and sound. Recovery affects all oscillating models that use a three-point harness; a five-point harness model remains not included.

The RockaRoo is a rocker with a sliding motion that moves from front to back. The base has an analog button and a power button to control the range of motion because no device-related security incidents have to remain reported.

The Mammaroo will become a member of your family’s sustenance system to keep the baby happy, even when they can’t be in your arms. Mix and match five unique motions, five speeds, and four sounds to tailor each ride to meet your baby’s changing needs and preferences as they grow. In addition, smart-home features, such as Bluetooth and voice control compatibility, with Amazon Alexa (Google Home coming soon), allow the MamaRoo to seamlessly integrate into homes and offer a genuinely adaptable, hands-free, soothing solution.

Safety is our top priority. This product remains not intended, designed, or marketed for sleep or unsupervised use. If the baby falls asleep, move the baby as soon as possible to a firm, flat sleep surfaces such as a crib or bassinet.

4moms does not support using any third-party accessories, as they have not remained tested by 4moms and could pose a potential safety risk. Instead, only use accessories manufactured and sold directly by 4moms.

Unique Feature – Mammaroo multi-Motion Baby Swing

Unique Feature - Mammaroo multi-Motion Baby Swing

Amazon Alexa and Google Home allow MamaRoo to integrate seamlessly into homes and offer a genuinely adaptable, hands-free, and relaxing solution.

If the baby woke up on the wrong side of the crib or needs a little “me” time – life outside the womb can be a crazy trip! Through cries, screams, camera clicks, and also even constipation. The parent-inspired movements of the MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing soothe all your baby’s moods.

When the babies are happy and happy, so are you! MamaRoo features such as Bluetooth connectivity and Smart Home Wi-Fi integration support the transition from bringing a new baby home by giving you the hands-free moments you need.

Some exciting new features in the Mammaroo Swing2022!

  • The new Mamaroo 2022 can remain used with Alexa.
  • Coming soon – this Mamaroo will work with Google Home.
  • A stylish touch control panel is available.
  • The new Mammaroo has brand new sounds + 2 musical melodies, an entertaining and relaxing theme. Sounds of nature and brown noise are the other two sounds and also
  • The harness can remain converted to a 3-point harness.

FEATURES Mommaroo Swing

  • 5 movements inspired by parents
  • 5-speed
  • Adjustable Recline
  • Four built-in sounds (entertaining melody, soothing melody, nature, brown noise)
  • 5-point to 3-point convertible harness, as needed and also
  • Mobile toy with interactive and reversible toy balls, including a rattle, mirror, and wrinkle ball
  • AC adaptor (no batteries required)
  • Tool-less assembly  and also
  • Always use restraint. Fit to fit perfectly. The retention system can remain configured with the 3-point harness or 5-point harness.
  • If using the 3-point harness, you should transition to using the 5-point harness when the baby can sit unassisted.
  • 1-year warranty

Intelligent Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi intelligent home integration – voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Bluetooth functionality: Stream baby’s favorite music and easily adjust motion, speed, or sound with the 4moms app


  • Dimensions: 26.25″ x 23.5″ x 35.5″
  • Weight: 15 lbs and also
  • Weight capacity: 25 lbs / when the child can try to leave (about 9 months). What comes first


  • Wave
  • Kangaroo
  • Rock-A-Bye
  • Car Ride and also
  • Tree Swing

Swings and Rockers

The MamaRoo recall includes models that use a three-point harness, including versions 1.0 and 2.0 (model number 4M-005), version 3.0 (model number 1026), and also version 4.0 (model number 1037). The new MamaRoo model using a five-point harness, launched in July, is not included in the recall.

The swings and rockers remain to sell at BuyBuy Baby and Goal, as well as online through and Amazon from 2010 to August 2022, for between $160 and $250.


Mommaroo is not your average baby swing. Instead, it combines swing, rocker, and gorilla in one. Their goal is to mimic how mom or dad holds and rocks their baby. The mamaRoo achieves this through five motion settings: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave. But they have some service conditions because kids’ safety is also essential.

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