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How to Market E-Book Marketing


The E-Book marketing remains also called FlipBook and ePaper now. Although eBook is today’s most commonly used name for an online publication or digital edition. Many other words are used for an online publication when used as a content marketing e-book. For example, to name a rare: FlipBook, ePaper, LookBook, Turn Page Publication, etc.

Instead of a plan with too many tactics. We wanted a way to reduce our focus and cut overall production. After much discussion, we launched an e-book marketing strategy – this is how we did it.

The goal of our e-book marketing plan

For our eBook Internet marketing strategy, the main objective is to generate qualified leads. In this case, a prospect is “qualified” when they fill out a contact form, telling us: “Hey, we need your help!”

Every business needs qualified leads. However, we are constantly surprised to see how many companies take unrealistic approaches to fill their marketing funnel.

Of course, it takes time and a lot of research to put together a great marketing strategy, but it’s worth the effort. By outlining our e-book marketing strategy, we hope to provide a roadmap for companies wondering where to start.

Strategic tactics before the launch of an e-book

In addition to book editing, the title (critical to selling your book and SEO), and the book cover, you should take several pre-marketing steps.

Promote E-Book Marketing When You Don’t Have Money for Advertising

Promote E-Book Marketing When You Don't Have Money for Advertising

Create a killer landing page

The main goal of your promotional eBook marketing is to bring people to the landing page of the e-book so they can download it. Take your time, brainstorm, research the pressure points of your potential customers and write a compelling copy about it. If your eBook is prepaid, link the quay page to an expense gateway. Remember to add the essential social sharing buttons to your landing page.

Go to social networks

Social mysteries are a crucial aspect of your eBook social promotion marketing campaign. These teasers can include helpful tips, quick instructions, exciting facts, or critical quotes from your eBook, presented in engaging and relevant content formats like videos and images. Promote your eBook on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Quora.

How to Take Your E-Book Marketing to the Highest of Amazon

The best way to victory on Amazon is to rank by keywords within specific Kindle categories. A good ranking in the Kindle Store allows you to discover your content long after you launch the initial marketing effort. That’s why optimization for keyword and category classification is the way forward. Check out these tactics to promote your eBook.

Promote websites with messaging systems

Many people don’t have a blog or mailing list. But they have access to a messaging system on the site, which boils down to pretty much the same thing. All the users of the site receive push notifications. On-site messaging platforms can sometimes be 2.0 email lists.

Create your insider list and ask them directly

Keep a continuous spreadsheet of family, friends, and lifelong learning readers, and then send them personally with book promotion. Whenever you need support from others for a project, check out this insider list to see who might mutually benefit from having access to something in exchange for a favor (like an Amazon review).

Create Auxiliary Content Around the E-Book During the Promotion Week

The content you create to direct downloads and reviews to your book should not stop with an “ad” blog or social media post. There are many ancillary subjects around your book that you can publish after the initial release to drive downloads and reviews.

YouTube videos, SlideShare presentations, and other blog posts are great places to start. One idea of “helper” content that seems to excite people whenever they try to promote something is when they share proprietary information about the process. Another valuable piece of content you can use is up-to-date reports on the progress of the workbook.


When you have a goal a clear, well-defined, achievable goal, not a pipe dream – tactics fall into place to achieve that goal. Of course, I don’t mean directly that a plan is a plan. But knowing what you want your viewers to achieve, rather than just waiting for them to do something good, makes e-book marketing easier.

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