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Chemung County Health Department – Board of Health


The Chemung County Board of Health Department (CCBHD) is a group of local professionals who the Chemung County Legislature has appointed to serve the County by providing direction to the staff of the Chemung County Department of Health. Regulations have been established and are reviewed annually.

The Chemung County Board of Health Department (CCBHD) meets yearly for consistent sessions at 6:00 pm in the Gridley Health Center Conference Room. Though these seminars are open to the public, they are usually not public forums. If there is a specific topic that you would like to discuss with the CCBH, you should contact the Director of Public Health, Peter Buzzetti, at least ten days before the meeting to arrange for its inclusion on the CCBHD agenda.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Chemung County Health Department

Lead Poisoning Prevention Chemung County Health Department

The Environmental Health Section (EHS) of the Chemung County Health Department is responsible for conducting environmental site evaluations at locations occupied by children with elevated blood lead levels. Sampling for lead is undertaken at the property to determine if a condition conducive to lead poisoning exists. When it is determined that a situation conducive to lead poisoning exists, a Notice and Demand will be issued to the property owner or to the person responsible for maintenance of the property to abate the situation. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: How Does the Health Check Home Depot App work?

EHS works closely with the Patient Services Section of the Chemical County Health Department about children’s blood lead levels. The amount of lead noticed in a child’s blood will dictate how quickly an environmental investigation must occur. A very high level will dictate a rapid response

Nursing Facility- Chemung County Health Department

The Chung County Health Department Nursing Facility is a modern health care center that provides various services, caring staff, and a residential environment.

  • Assuring proper nursing staffing levels on each shift, every day of the year
  • Agreement with all applicable state and federal regulations for Medicare and Medicaid services
  • Hiring individuals and working with companies that meet and exceed government standards
  • Regular communication between management staff, residents, and family members
  • Staff development through continuous education and training

About the Facility

The Chemung County Nursing Facility is a 200-bed residential health care facility operated by the County of Chemung. It was opened in 1971 and is part of the John Gridley Health Center that includes the County’s Public Health Department, Vital Records, and Emergency Management Office. The Nursing Facility has approximately 300 employees. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: Nalu Health Bar & Cafe- Introduction, Locations & Famous Item

COVID-19 Updates & Information

COVID-19 Updates & Information

The Chemung County- Department of Health Virtual Call Center (VCC). The VCC is New York State’s premier case investigation system for COVID-19-positive people. The VCC shutdown means the New York Department of Health no longer requires a COVID-19 case investigation.

  • Please wear a mask
  • Wearing short or loose-sleeved clothing
  • Drink and eat before you come
  • Let your child bring their favorite toy
  • Please bring a photo ID

A father or guardian must be present to give consent. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment time. After vaccination, your child should remain observed for 15 minutes.

Moderna remain a two-dose vaccine given 28 days (4 weeks) apart for anyone aged 6 to 11. It is essential to receive the second dose for complete protection against COVID-19.

The Chemung County Health Department is here to support our community. Your health and well-being are our priority. We remain dedicated to serving you through this and future changes.

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If you are positive for COVID-19?

If you test positive in a lab or at home, you will not receive a phone call from The Chemung County Health Department. However, you may still receive a text message if tested in a lab.

The Chemung County Health Department will continue to conduct limited case investigations and prioritize high-risk populations, such as nursing homes, living-together facilities, and school outbreaks.

  • You must isolate yourself immediately.
  • Isolate for five days.
  • If you have symptoms, the day symptoms start is day 0 (Example: If symptoms begin on Sunday, you can resume normal activities on Saturday at 12:01 am)
  • If you have no symptoms, the day of your test is day 0 (Example: If you tested positive on Sunday, you could resume normal activities on Saturday at 12:01 am).
  • After five days, you can resume normal activities. Masking the others remain recommended during days 6 to 10.
  • If your symptoms do not recover or you develop new symptoms by day 5, please call the health department at (607) 737-2028 to have your isolation extended.
  • Home test results must remain reported to it. You can obtain isolation documents from the online portal.


Chemung County Health Department offers many clinics. They include infectious diseases, immunizations, lead poisoning, STD/HIV, and tuberculosis.

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