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IEO Marketing Vietnam – What is It? A To Z Guide


IEO marketing in Vietnam is a fundraising program used by entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to the big sharks and then raise funds from investors interested in investing in their company. An initial exchange offering is a fundraising program where a business owner or individual proposes an idea for any business, and the exchange of the idea raises funds for running the business. It is similar to the stock market, where the investor interested in the business idea invests in the company in exchange for getting some share or token.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a well-known terminology used to raise funds and promote the project and idea. If you also have doubts about IEO marketing in Vietnam, don’t worry because, in this blog, I will give you an A to Z guide on IEO marketing in Vietnam.

IEO Marketing in Vietnam – All You Necessity to Know

IEO Marketing in Vietnam – All You Necessity to Know

Before starting IEO marketing in Vietnam, it is important to comprehend how it works. In Vietnam, IEO marketing is the first impression that comes to mind when one thinks of ways to get money from the company. In addition, there are presently several IEO exchange currencies in Vietnam, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Silver Coin.

The greatest place to start your IEO marketing is complete digital channels. Various digital platforms can promote and support your IEO. Some of these platforms include:

  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Notifications
  • social media campaign
  • Email marketing and much extra

The fame of cryptocurrencies is growing significantly worldwide. However, with the prohibition on cryptocurrencies in Vietnam. As a result, only a small ratio of cryptocurrencies remain in use. However, a significant number of companies are adopting payments through Bitcoin.

Almost all business strategies in Vietnam adopt IEO, and people can gain a competitive advantage by modifying their project model process. When using IEO marketing, it is significant to ensure that it remains promoted, which can be done effectively through marketing tactics. It’s best to use simple techniques to establish the necessary web attendance. After that, you can go ahead and maximize the perceptibility of your project.

The Current Legal Status of IEO Marketing in Vietnam and How to Promote

In 2018, the central bank of Vietnam disqualified all cryptocurrencies and gave illegal status to all crypto-related businesses. Therefore, in Vietnam, crypto is not an accepted mode of payment.

So, if you want IEO marketing in Vietnam, you should completely refrain from using cryptocurrencies and go with other digital currencies. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: Jaa Lifestyle Login – Description, Registration, Working, and More

Awareness campaigns: One of the best ways to promote your IEO is through awareness campaigns. These campaigns make people and investors aware of your company and its functions, which can attract the interest of investors.

Social networks: What can be cheaper than social media to market your IEO? Everyone is on social media, and you must post things about your IEO. Therefore, promoting your IEO through social media is one of the best and cheapest forms of promotion.

Your target audience is there, and all the investors are there. What more does a promotional campaign need?

Email Marketing: This one can be tricky to run and requires effort and data mining skills. But if you can address your investors by email mode, you will benefit a lot. These were some popular ways to promote your IEO.

The Operational Process of IEO Marketing in Vietnam

The Operational Process of IEO Marketing in Vietnam

If you are a depositor or know how stock market investing works, it would be much easier to understand how IEO marketing works in Vietnam.

Its operation of It is similar to the operation of the stock market. The business holder and entrepreneurs share their idea with investors. Who thinks that the idea has the potential to earn? A lot of money by investing in the idea and receiving. The part of their shares as tokens is similar to when we invest in a company benefits.

The IEO marketing Vietnam not only works as a fundraising program but also as a promotion program for the budding business.


IEO marketing in Vietnam is an amazing way to raise project funds, and the best way to get started is to use it in social media, newsletters, and email marketing. It is becoming a popular venture for almost all companies, big or small.

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