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O2 Fitness Durham – Description, Trial Pass, Offers, and More


O2 fitness Durham – o2 fitness is happy to expand in the Durham area to serve all triangle residents better! This beautiful new club is the independent anchor tenant of the new university hill mixed-use mall placed between two Durham icons: duke university and also the hope valley country club.

With over 30,000 square feet, this gym gives you the space to stretch out and always has the machine or equipment you are looking for available. In addition, a large functional lawn deck overlooks the main floor, where you can customize your workout because of our workout team. And also, o2 fitness will help you achieve your goals and provide you with two complimentary sessions with your membership.

What are the Benefits of A Free Trial at O2 Fitness Durham?

What are the Benefits of A Free Trial at O2 Fitness Durham_

Start with a free 21-day o2 fitness membership! No pay, no commitment, just fitness! Being part of a fitness community has never been more rewarding. Experience life as an o2 fitness member for 21 days and enjoy our state-of-the-art equipment, functional training turf, personal training, and unlimited studio fitness classes. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: ABC Sports and Fitness – Details, Mission, Programs, and More

An o2 fitness membership offers additional benefits also at o2 fitness Durham

Functional Training Turf Weight Lifting Equipment
Unlimited Studio Classe Cardio Equipment
Free Weights Access to GO2 Fitness
Hyperice Recovery Tools Indoor Cycle Classes
Luxury Locker Room High-speed WiFi Access

O2 Fitness Durham also Offers

This club features three separate spaces for studio fitness classes, including indoor cycling and Mind~Body offerings. In addition, we offer Family Plans and Kids Club that gives you two hours of child attention each day while you are working out or catching up on work in the Business Center.

Unlimited Studio Fitness Classes at O2 Fitness Durham

Unlimited Studio Fitness Classes at O2 Fitness Durham

Your membership gives you indoor access to the core studio for HIIT, cardio, and strength exercise, the Mind~Body studio designed for yoga and pilates, and the Cycle studio for inside cycling classes. TRY A FREE STUDIO FITNESS CLASS TODAY!

Studio Fitness unlimited classes remain included with your membership, and you can choose your desired classes offered at multiple O2 Fitness places in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Wilmington, and Charleston.

Strength training: Strength training classes use weights, bands, and body weight exercises to burn fat, build muscle and increase your overall strength. Popular classes include Shred, Dirty 30, Bootysculpt, Core, and HIIT.

Metabolic Conditioning: These classes consist of exercises focusing on strength while improving endurance and burning many calories. Ambala, Intensity, and the other MetCon classes are excellent for toning the body and promoting fat loss.

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O2 Fitness Durham Offers CYCLE CLASSES

Are you looking for a change in your walking or elliptical routine? Then, enter the cycling studio and experience low-impact training, pumping the heart and burning calories. O2 Fitness classes are an excellent cardiovascular challenge for persons of all ages and fitness levels. Follow along with our stimulating instructors as you climb, run, compete and pedal to the beat of energetic music. Cycling shoes remain not required for O2 cycling classes, but be sure to wear loose, breathable clothing and carry water to hydrate between the trails.

O2 Fitness offers various cycling classes ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. Whether you’re looking for interval-based, fat-jet, speed training, or high-endurance climbing, our classes have it all. No experience remains needed before taking a cycling class. Our trainers are there to help you set up your bike for a comfortable ride. So head to the cycling studio and ride your bike to tone your lower body, improve your cardiovascular strength and increase your energy levels.

Add Kids Club To Your Membership

We also love to exercise. Kids Club remain offered for up to two hours (one hour for babies under one year old) while you enjoy a Studio Fitness class, lifting weights or equipment with your trainer. Our younger members enjoy daily activities and monthly events and focus on health and fitness while playing at the Kids Club.

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O2 Fitness Durham- Fitness Clubs and Gyms, Studio Fitness and Personal Training. The O2 Fitness gyms remain located throughout the North Carolina Durham area. Free trial available. Fitness On Request. Group fitness classes. Children’s club and also always Complete Services. The above information is useful for those searching for a good fitness center.

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