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Benefits of Podcast Advertising


Podcast advertising is a new, effective way to briefly inform listeners about your product’s value, discounts, promotions, personal experiences, etc. But if you do everything right, you will gain confidence, improve your target audience, reach new target groups, and promote products. In addition, this type of advertising gives you warm clues.

They’re more likely to buy from your brand. You get better conversion rates and improved ROI. With the support of ads, people have the opportunity to listen to their favorite channels for free. You’ve probably heard free music and podcasts on Spotify. People are optimistic about several ads.

You can make use of different podcasting stages to advertise your product. iHeartRadio, Spotify, and PRX have many listeners and advertising abilities for your company. And also, they will help you gain confidence, improve your customer base and increase revenue.

How Does Podcast Advertising Work?

How Does Podcast Advertising Work_

With programmatic audio, companies can establish a special connection with the audience. An ad in a podcast is usually a short audio clip whose location is similar to a video. Listeners can find podcast ads at the episode’s beginning, middle and end. People perceive ads on podcasts better than on other channels. It means your company can achieve the necessary goals. According to statistics, 54% of people are likelier to buy from a company they learned about in a podcast. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: How Much Does A Marketing Project Manager Salary?

How to Advertise on Podcasts?

There are numerous rules you must follow to place ads on podcasts. We’ve prepared a to-do list for you to ensure that the process goes smoothly. So let’s explore them.

Consider demographics. Unlike TV shows, podcasts do not attract the attention of different audiences. However, you will have an excellent opportunity to target educated people looking for new podcast information. With podcast ads, you have a perfect opportunity to focus on the most active audience: millennials. They are in the picture-perfect age, income, and education collection. These people can show attention to your product and afford to buy it. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: IEO Marketing Vietnam – What is It? A To Z Guide

Please note the prices. It would help if you understood the introductory price to avoid misunderstandings and overpricing when paying for a podcast and ad space. While you might think that some platforms might charge you a lot more than you expect, they don’t. Most podcast congregations use similar pricing principles. These webs apply the same formula to estimate the approximate cost of advertising space. Some websites even offer a calculator for calculating the advertising space price.

Choose a podcast that meets your expectations. If you want your ad to succeed and attract people who might be your potential customers, you should be wise in your choice. Select a podcast that fits your product. And also, there are many podcasts and chances to connect with specialized audiences. Your mission is to place your ad in the correct episode to be more natural and related to the topic.

How Do You Measure the Performance of Podcast Advertising?

A print is an important measure that can quantity the routine of your ad. In podcasts, it depends on the number of downloads: the more downloads the episode has with the ad, the better the performance. For example, if the podcast episode remains downloaded 230,000 times, your ad gets 230,000 impressions.

You can also measure performance with promo codes. You can share different promo codes in various episodes and see if people come to buy and use the code to get a discount or a gift. This way, you will capture which podcasts and attacks are the most effective. In adding to promo codes, you can use the “How did you recognize our brand?” questions. If clients come from podcasts, they’ll let you recognize them. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: Dope Marketing – Description, Team, Owner, and More

How Much Does Podcast Advertising Cost?

The price of the podcast ad depends on the platform you use, the length of the ad, and the type of ad. Podcast advertising has its pricing structure that you need to consider to calculate the approximate cost of your ad by day, month, year, etc. Since Different platforms can apply the cost per mile or cost per acquisition rate to sell ads on their websites. The first remains based on the cost you’ll pay for 1,000 prints or downloads. The second is the price you will pay to get a new customer.

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Podcast advertising is a new and current way to gain audience trust and increase conversions. As more and more people join the podcasts. And also, you will be among those who successfully implemented the strategy and will see visible results.

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