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The system first outlines the architecture of STORM2 and describes the technologies used, then details the interest-based trading process that currently guides STORM2. Finally, section 3 provides an overview of how the system could remain.

Some implementation options regarding the system architecture are explained in more technical detail in Section 4, followed by a brief review of the ongoing evaluation of the system and some preliminary findings.

Section 5 identifies and discusses some important research directions for future research. Section 6 summarizes previous work on ODR and collaboration systems, related work on software product lines, and adaptation of software variations. Finally, section 7 summarizes our approach and contributions.

Process orientation: Storm2

Process orientation_ Storm2

At a high level, STORM2 provides software support for conducting negotiations for dispute resolution or negotiations between two parties. To do so, it enforces the dictates of a predefined process that guides the negotiations, providing important guidance to the mediator when needed. However, it is important to note that STORM2 provides tailor-made process guidance.

That is, since the way the system runs can remain changed simply by changing the process definition, STORM2 can be easily customized to support trading processes that may differ depending on what seems appropriate. It can remain done by designing and defining a custom trading process but more efficiently making changes and modifications to an existing process.

STORM2 does not require a mediator to follow a rigid process unsuitable for the current situation. Instead, to provide only the type of guidance deemed necessary under the circumstances specified as appropriate. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: It Will Helps If You Read These Books On Starting A Business

Storm2 Negotiation and Interest-Based Negotiation

Storm2 Negotiation and Interest-Based Negotiation


Although the flexible architecture of STORM2 makes it a suitable base for adaptation for use in support of a very wide range of processes and negotiating approaches. To demonstrate our flexible approach to supporting ODR as clearly as possible and establish a basis for initial experimentation. We have decided on a specific approach, namely Interest-Based Trading, for the ODR processes that we initially defined and studied.

We note that the NMB, in particular, uses IBB insights in much of its work to facilitate contract negotiations. And please note That the NMB also often uses interest-based mediation, an application of IBB ideas, specifically to support its work in dispute resolution and mediation of complaints. Thus, our initial experimentation remains based on approaches for which there has been actual practice and successful experience.

In that experience, there have typically been two negotiation parts (labor and management), each consisting of several members or participants. Also, each part contains a single member, called the party representative, whose role has been to represent and speak for the party

Issuance Statement Of Storm2

The first phase of negotiation is to formulate a problem statement. Users will only have access to this feature if the mediator has notified them that they are acting as representatives of the parties (usually, there is only one representative per party). Users who are not your party representative can usually see the problem statement composed by your party representative. But they cannot draft a statement by themselves. Other rules govern who can see and modify.

However, declarations can be defined and then applied using STORM2. During this phase, both parties must identify a problem and state it in the form of an open question. Then, a party representative can click Statement of Issuance to access this feature that allows the party representative to draft a statement.

The party representatives must click Propose New Declaration when they have finished composing your submissions. At which point your declarations remain transmitted to the mediator. At that point, the Propose New Return button will remain grayed out.

Implementation and Experience Of Strom2

The STORM2 implementation architecture can remain thought of as consisting of three main components, namely, the process that guides the negotiation. In addition, a web-enabled graphical user interface for the different participants in the negotiation. And also, the Dispatcher system, through its binding script component, passes information and commands between the process and user interface.

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