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How to Build A Green Beauty Routine


The green beauty Routine industry has exploded in the past few years. As a result, more and more companies are offering products that aren’t only good for your face but that positively impact the planet.

Skincare is so important to all of us, and creating a sustainable skincare routine is at the top of most of our wish lists. Well, you’re in luck: In the newest episode of Good Together, glossily co-founder Liza Moiseeva remains joined by Lorraine Dahlmeier, a biologist, chartered environmentalist, and the CEO of Formula Botanica—the leading online education institution for organic formulation. And she knows an object or two about this subject.

Read on to get the story on what diverse terminology in the space means, learn how to develop your green skincare routine, and more.

Green Beauty Routine – Take Inventory of What You Already Have

Green Beauty Routine - Take Inventory of What You Already Have

Check out your bathroom and rate how many products you have. “The average woman has 16 beauty products on her bathroom shelf, which is obviously why we now have the shelf phenomenon,” Dallmeier says.

Ask yourself what you want for your skin. “Make a short list of what you want,” he adds. “Then start looking at what you can buy in multifunctional products, especially if you want to be green and more sustainable.”

Green Beauty Routine – Figure Out What Your Skin Like And Doesn’t Like

We’ve all used a beauty care product (or a few!) that wound up giving us a giant zit or made our skin irritated. Dallmeier encourages many people to take the less-is-more approach, starting small and testing their limits.

“You must know the dermal limits of your essential oils,” she says. “I see shocking advice on the internet—particularly on social media stands and in groups, where people are going ‘Oh yeah, just set this on your skin,’ and you can not do that now.”

She also cautions that not every natural ingredient will always work for everyone. “Everyone’s skin type is diverse, and every ingredient is different,” she says. “I know people who can’t handle rose on their skin. I know people who can’t handle aloe vera on their skin. And that’s fine because they can then avoid that.” Since you have interested, you may also read this article: Ulta Beauty Hours of Operations In 2022

Find Brands That Speak to You

Finding green beauty brands you love to buy with is another critical part of developing your skincare routine.

“There are a lot of great brands — brands led by founders started by women, like everyone listening — that have a mission,” Dallmeier says. “I encourage them to try to find a brand that speaks to them. If sustainability is the most important thing to you, go find one about sustainability that wants to be carbon neutral.”

Start with what’s important to you, then move on. Over time you’ll have a handful of great products that you love from brands with the same values.

Green Beauty Routine – Embrace Skinimalism

Good news: you don’t need many products in your routine to have healthy and happy skin. For example, Dallmeier shared the essential products from his community of skincare enthusiasts. And also, there were clear winners: cleanser, moisture, serum, and sunscreen.

As you discover your best green beauty products, take a few suggestions from Dallmeier: “I’d say I’m a big fan of oils, botanical transport oils, or plant-based oils,” she says. “I think those are the things people should have in their beauty care routine somewhere.”

All in all, remember that our skin is constantly changing. What strength work today may not work tomorrow. And also, what we put in our skin — and how that affects our planet — will leave a lasting impression. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: Lumiere Beauty and the Beast – Casting, Roles, and More


What exactly does the green beauty routine mean for Dalmeier? “It’s more about incorporating sustainability and environmental considerations,” he says. “Being a collegiate environmentalist is incredibly important to me. That’s where I think we go one step further and determine what is right for the planet and society.”

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