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Lumiere Beauty and the Beast – Casting, Roles, and More


In 1991 Lumiere Beauty and the Beast completed history. It was the first Disney animated film to use an official screenwriter; the first to combine hand-drawn animation with Pixar computer technology; and the first to nominate for an Oscar for Best Picture.

And hidden in the film’s credits is a bit of history that’s easy to miss. Lumiere Beauty and the Beast was also the first film in which individual lead animators remain recognized. For their specific contributions to the characters.

Disney’s tactic of assigning a specific artist to a particular character has proven its worth and is as old as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This methodology allowed an animator to focus on a single performance and perfect it.

The way the actors immerse themselves in the roles. Then for Nik Ranieri and Will Finn, who cheered on the residents of Castle Lumière and Cogsworth, respectively. The contentious friendship between the suave master chandelier. And also, the prickly grandfather clock hit incredibly close.

Lumiere Beauty and the Beast Casting

Lumiere Beauty and the Beast Casting

“Oh my God, the casting for this movie was perfect, divinely guided, you would say,” recalls Dave Pruiksma, who supervised the animator for Matron Mrs. Potts and her young son, Chip. “Will is Cogsworth. Nik is Light. And like all great actors and animators, these two artists drew on their experiences to bring the characters on screen to life.

Also, Lumiere and Cogsworth, played by Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen in this month’s live-action remake of Lumiere Beauty and the Beast, remain initially conceived as an archetypal odd couple, their disparate personalities reflected in their designs and vocal performance.

And Lumiere was performed in warm tones by Jerry Orbach, like a cross between Maurice Chevalier and Pepe le Pew, beaming with joie de vivre in every sweeping motion. Cogsworth, with the nervous voice of David Ogden Stiers, was originally a grandfather clock before being scaled down; he followed the rules and was prone to losing his temper, and the hour and minute hands formed an asymmetric mustache. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: Huda Beauty Foundation Face Makeup Tips

Lumiere Beauty and the Beast Roles

Like Lumiere, Ranieri was the taller of the two. Finn looked more like Cogsworth, shorter, heavier, and round-faced. But the resemblance was not just physical. The dynamic between the on-screen characters (“You pompous paraffin-headed pea brain!”.

“On guard, your pocket watch is too big!”) was an enhanced cartoon version of the natural friction between Ranieri and Finn. And “I think the characters are what Nik and Will would and could be if it weren’t for social conventions and propriety,” says Pruiksma.

Ranieri and Finn first shared a workspace with desks facing each other. During the production of Disney’s Rescuers Down Under in 1990. Ranieri’s desk was invariably neat, orderly, and immaculate; Finn’s workspace was a chaotic jumble of pencils and stacks of paper. “At first, everything was fine,” says Ranieri. “But over time, I started rubbing Will the wrong way. I don’t know what I did or suppose, but I somehow got under his skin.

The two were fundamentally different personality types. According to Finn’s recollections, Ranieri could be insensitive, sarcastic, and generally unaware of grating on Finn’s nerves; on the other hand, Finn was inexplicably grumpy and angry. (True to form in the comics, he’s also more ratcheted up by deadlines than Ranieri.)


The story of Lumiere Beauty and the Beast is about a time. When the beast who remained a prince became a human being once because of true love. Belle, the protagonist of the story, shows true love regardless of the beast’s appearance.


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