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Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center


Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center is a group exercise with 1 location. Today, the 14 doctors at the Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center cover nine specialized areas of medicine.

The Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center was incorporated in August 1970 as a 501 nonprofit to participate in the planning. And also the development of comprehensive health services for residents of poor. Primarily non-white communities in Jackson, Mississippi, and surrounding areas. The Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center provides a complete continuum of health. And also social services to meet the needs of our customers.

The Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center (JHCHC) is central Mississippi’s largest community health center. Since its inception, the JHCHC has evolved from a “bus and Sunday school classroom” operation into a multidisciplinary healthcare provider in Hinds, Warren, and Copiah counties. Jackson-Hinds is one of only two federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) in the state that operates a homeless clinic and the only FQHC that operates a HUD housing complex for low-income seniors and disabled residents.

Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center was the: 1st Community Health Center in the State of Mississippi

Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center was the_ 1st Community Health Center in the State of Mississippi

  • Operate a clinic designated for the Homeless
  • Provide Optometry and Dentistry
  • Provide an internal pharmacy
  • Offer X-ray and lab services
  • Establish school clinics
  • Offer the Centers Program – Pregnancy, Infants, Newborns, etc
  • Providing Telehealth services to an FQHC
  • Provide Physical Therapy and also
  • Participate in the All of Us Research Program

Jackson — Hinds collaborated with the University of Mississippi Medical Center to operate primary care clinics at Jackson Medical Center. This arrangement is one of the few nationwide collaborations on which an academic medical center bases its educational efforts on a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Since you have interested, you may also read this article: Nalu Health Bar & Cafe- Introduction, Locations & Famous Item

Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center Board of Directors

Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center Board of Directors

A 17-member Board of Directors governs the JHCHC. Its members represent civic and regetligious organizations, the homeless, homemakers, and residents of medically neglected communities who use the Center’s services and programs. JHCHC’s Board of Directors, management, and staff have provided services throughout its thirty-two-year history. Consistent with its mission statement: Providing low-cost, quality, family-based health care and social services to people who would not otherwise have access to them. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: How Does the Health Check Home Depot App work?

With an annual operation of $27 million, the Center has an annual economic impact of approximately $32 million in the community. It employs more than 300 health professionals in its three-county service area and purchases goods and services from many local providers. And also assists as a training site for undergraduate and graduate students in various health disciplines. In addition, the JHCHC saves community resources by providing patients with more efficiency. And also cost-effective care and reducing misuse of local emergency rooms.

JHCHC Distributes Vaccinations

Executive Director Dr. Jasmin Chapman and her team at the JHCHC now offer vaccines. Chapman said the goal is to deliver the vaccine to the most disadvantaged.

“We want to give to those who are most in need: the uninsured, the underserved in this community, and that are what we’re successful in doing,” Chapman said.

Congressman Bennie Thompson said the biggest goal is outreach, expanding sites, and seeking full federal support to allow more people to receive the vaccine.X`

“We can also pull out locations. Not only here in Jackson-Hinds, but they have other sites that will be available to people who may not be able to afford transportation, cost, and other things.” Chapman said. “The federal government is now bearing 100% of the costs of many sites because some were not as accessible as others.

Chapman health center also has multiple mobile clinics that can provide vaccines. In addition, they hope to prioritize school systems soon.

“We have all the schools in Hinds County and many JPS schools. So we’ll also take them to the schools to make sure that the school system’s staff, teachers, and employees can get vaccinated,” said Dr. Chapman.

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The Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center is the largest provider of primary health care services to the uninsured and underserved in central Mississippi. We aim to eliminate disparities in access to health care for the poor and the uninsured. Our diverse team of professionals provides first-class primary health care to residents of central Mississippi. So who is often caught in private insurance and personal income gaps?

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