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About Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation


The Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation (CBF) is a grassroots community-based non-profit organization with a long history of providing services to those in our community. And also who remain often disenfranchised, taking on causes to fill gaps in services that no other agency offers. Current services include primary health care, mental health and substance abuse programs, infectious disease testing, education and linkage to treatment, and youth education.

What Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation Aims to Solve

What Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation Aims to Solve

Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation works to help those in our community who face health disparities, are often marginalized, and lack access to equitable care. We holistically address health and wellness needs, providing access to care for the body, mind, and spirit. The mission of the Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation is to take the lead in providing health and wellness initiatives through treatment, awareness, education, and advocacy. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: Mashouf Wellness Center Landscape Architecture, Education

Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation HIV Client Service

Youth Programs offers substance abuse prevention programs for several counties in Coastal Bend. But these services include prevention education programs and presentations that educate on substance abuse prevention. And also alternative activities to foster peer engagement and diversity and a community coalition to change environmental standards to ensure healthy messages deliver to young adults.

Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation provides primary health care services for adults, focusing on health promotion and initial diagnoses of common health difficulties, such as core disease and diabetes. CBWF is a public health and wellness center offering affordable, quality services. Management of HIV and infectious hepatitis diseases is also available.

CBWF also provides pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). In addition, the mobile Health Center offers personal care in a convenient environment, enabling CBWF to provide primary care through the service area.

What Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation Stands For

The Coastal Bend Pride Center offers the resources, tools, personnel, and physical space to empower its members to achieve health and wellness goals, connect with the broader community, advocate for justice against discrimination and inequality and promote opportunities in a safe and also empowering environment. The Pride Center recognizes intersectional components of identity and supports all social justice efforts. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: Mashouf Wellness Center Landscape Architecture, Education

Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation Quality Assurance Coordinator Responsibilities Qualifications/experience:


  • It conducts the reviews of the tables on the instructions of the Director and provides information on the check.
  • Maintains working information on HHSC and SAMHSA regulations and guidance. In addition, it tracks all reviews and analyzes results to identify exemplary trends and practices that need improvement.
  • Develops and maintains a system of monitoring agencies for internal quality reviews to maintain consistency and preparedness for external reviews and also audits;
  • Generate recommendations for changes to procedures, forms, and policies to improve compliance and assist in implementation as needed.
  • It worked closely with the Director to ensure that the requested reports submit promptly and also accurately.
  • Reviews graphs to ensure data remain captured accurately, effective treatment planning, and person-centered. And also, all regulatory requirements remain met at the state and federal levels
  • It helps the Director set quality assurance compliance targets and ensures they remain met.
  • Patient referrals for counseling and psychiatry determine patient needs basing on evaluations.
  • Perform related tasks as needed.


  • It must be certified as a mental health quality profession (MHP) with preferred experience in a CBHC setting.
  • Minimum education: Bachelor of Arts or Sciences in the social sciences (psychology, social work, etc.) The teacher is the favorite.
  • Previous work experience completes comprehensive case file reviews. Also you must have at least two years of experience working in a non-profit/community-based organization.


Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation provides HIV/AIDS-specific medical treatment and support services. The services include primary health care, mental health, substance abuse programs, testing for infectious diseases, education, and links with treatment and education of young people.

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