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Dope Marketing – Description, Team, Owner, and More


Dope Marketing – It’s a direct mail design and marketing agency that’s all about data. They look at lead tracking spreadsheets like some people look at an all-you-can-eat buffet. They take the campaign you have in mind and figure out how to track, improve and repeat it to get the most out of your marketing services.


I work closely with the sales team and marketing coaches, collecting and organizing information directly from the client to translate it into a creative brief to assign to the design team. I monitor designs to help ensure they are appropriate for the client/content industry. To help market the company, I design mockups of all the services they offer and create content for their website and social media. I constantly collaborate with the CEO design team and marketing coach to refine design processes and efficiencies.

Dope Marketing Team

  • David Carrol: CEO
  • Joe Cote: Director of Operations
  • Maranda Orth: Graphic Designer
  • Chelsea Neider: graphic designer
  • Karla Jimenez: Designer
  • Zahidul Islam: Designer
  • Mamun Miah: designer
  • Brynne Carroll: Marketing Coach
  • Nicole Khang: Marketing Coach
  • Megan Belcher: Marketing Coach
  • Christina: sales representative
  • Abby – Sales Representative and also
  • Charizza Crus: Sales Representative

About Dave Carroll Dope Marketing Owner

About Dave Carroll Dope Marketing Owner

The technological boom has allowed many to shape the lives of their dreams. In this day and stage, the number of opportunities available to us is infinite. However, it takes a lot of exertion and dedication to make the most of these opportunities and turn them into reality. The world of marketing has also changed a lot in the last period.

Dave Carroll is a brilliant and skilled entrepreneur. He is the creator and CEO of DOPE Marketing. Dave has always dreamed of starting a business of his own and ensuring dave reaches his potential. However, he grasped at a young age that school wasn’t all and structuring a business was what he wanted to do in his lifetime.

Dave has spent the last 12 years in various businesses and gained skills in different businesses. One of his first businesses was Lions Share Maintenance. First, however, Dave had a concrete vision, starting from his mother’s garage. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: Shop Mart Reviews is this Offer A Legit Deal?

How Dave Carroll Billed Dope Marketing as a Successful Brand

Dave Carroll is the initiator and CEO of Dope Marketing and owns a cleaning company, A-Type Data, and its fourth company, Lionshare Technology. And also, he is a father and is associated with a wonderful human being who is his spouse and business partner, Brynne.

Tom starts this episode with a simple question asking how Dave found marketing. Dave shares how he made his way into the startup at 25 by starting a cleaning company where he remained tied to a truck doing everything necessary in the business. And also from cleaning gutters to writing bills and receipts on carbon copy paper.

However, fate had diverse plans for him, and Dave eventually realized that much more was in store. But the corporation did not show to be effective.

What makes Dave so unique is his capability to keep moving forward. Dave did not give up despite his setbacks and failures and believed he remained destined for more success. In addition, his past experiences helped him understand more about data and how the world of data works.

Learning this was a breakthrough for Dave; since then, nothing has been able to stop him. Today, he owns quite a few well-established businesses that generate more than a few million in revenue. But, of course, starting a business from scratch is an achievement.

Dave and DOPE Marketing have a lot of potential in the business. Being able to program a direct mail system in an era where digital marketing is booming is an achievement.

Job Posting for Marketing Manager – DOPE Marketing At DOPE MARKETING

Job Posting for Marketing Manager - DOPE Marketing At DOPE MARKETING


Are you looking for a marketing job where you call the shots? How about being part of a company where your opinion matters? Do you want the opportunity to run advertising campaigns for DOPEST company in Minnesota?

Suppose you answered YES to these questions. And also, we might have a DOPE job offer for you!

DOPE Marketing is seeking a Creative Marketing Director to work directly with our CEO and execute our internal marketing campaigns’ online and also offline marketing.

This position we are seeking to fill requires experience executing digital campaigns on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, email, text messages, and voicemails without ringing.

Tools we use in this role:

  • Hubspot
  • Monday
  • Loose
  • google pack
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Google Ads Manager
  • Twilio
  • Cunning transmission and also
  • Text magic

You will have full admission to our in-house graphic design team as well as our in-house copywriting team. You will remain provided with all the videos, copy, images, and assets you need to run DOPEST marketing campaigns for our daily, weekly and monthly campaigns. In addition, you will be allocated weekly/monthly ad spend budgets for all platforms you are running ads.

We are observing someone with very strong communication skills. And also, who can keep up with the rapid growth of DOPE Marketing?

Your day-to-day will be meeting with the various DOPE Marketing department heads to plan, review, build and also execute DOPE Marketing’s daily marketing tasks.


Taking Direct Mail, Spectators Targeting, and Marketing Lists, you’re language my language! My team specializes in direct mail mechanization, data lists, appending(adding emails and phones), list management, and data hygiene services. And also, above, you will find information about dope marketing, which is useful for those searching for them.

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