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Content Marketing: What is it, and How does it Operate in 2022?


Content marketing is a marketing technique based on creating different content (ideally educational) around a brand.  However, there is an explicit condition that this content does not have an advertising aspect and that you will create your audiences with it.  This last point is critical.

The success of a good content marketing strategy should help you as a company or brand achieve your audiences.

Ideally, the content should be an asset to your brand or company.  If you put it out (social media, YouTube, and so on), consider that the hearings won’t be yours.

The big difference with branded content is that content marketing lives in assets or properties of the brand, while branded content lives in third-party media that the brand does not own.

In branded content, brands leverage the audiences that the media have.  In content marketing, brands build relevant audiences for them.

It is also important to differentiate with storytelling, where brands seek through stories that audiences connect with the brand.  A video with storytelling has a significant emotional component.

What are the Main Benefits of Content Marketing?

What are the Main Benefits of Content Marketing_

  1. Increase the organic reach of a brand.
  2. It improves the brand’s interaction with the target audience or so-called buyer person.
  3. Increase conversion rates. A page with content can have 6 times more conversions than one without.
  4. It decreases the cost of traffic that reaches the brand’s website. The traffic that reaches a website can be up to 99% cheaper than paid campaigns.  If you want to delve into this topic, I recommend that you analyze the following text that tells you about the  differences between SEM vs. SEO
  5. Improve brand SEO. It helps improve the organic positioning of a brand.
  6. Improve the quality of leads.
  7. Content is the backbone of any inbound marketing strategy.
  8. Generated content is critical for automation platforms
  9. Support social channels with valuable content. You amplify every piece of content you host on brand assets on social media, which is useful content.

The Origin of Content Marketing

Many remains speculated about the origin of this marketing technique.  Many texts attribute John Deere to the firm in 1895.  The firm created a magazine called The Furrow.  Her goal was to train farmers on multiple topics around agricultural issues.  It remains said that in 1912 there were about 4 million readers.

Other texts attribute it to August Oetker.  Mr. Oetker marketed yeast for households and decided to print recipes on his packaging.  The initiative was so successful that he published a recipe book with more than 19 million copies.  Ultimately, he intended to commercialize yeast, which he achieved through the publication of Mr. Oetker’s recipes.

As we have explained before, when defining content marketing, we are referring to a technique that has to remain used as a trend in some very consumer-oriented brands.

What remain sought from creating valuable content is to encourage users to consume products associated with the brand that produces the content.

It does not matter if it is a brand dedicated to industrial design or the sale of sporting goods.  The truth is that each has an audience interested in their knowledge or activity.  This public, whatever its size, will perceive our content as valuable if it is of quality. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: How Can Al Be Used In E-Commerce Marketing?

What is Content Marketing in A Simple Way?

It can remain focused on creating content in different formats such as ebooks, videos,  infographics,  articles,  webinars, guides, etc.  It has the peculiarity of not being focused on talking about the brand, its products, or services, but rather on topics or valuable information for current and potential customers.

Remember that content in content marketing should NOT be advertising or promotional.

7 points that reinforce the concept of what content marketing is

  • It shows the public something new and unique they cannot find anywhere else. They consume it because it is original and different.  Ideally, this content should live on a blog or in a specialized content section.
  • Create a positive experience. When we go to the film to watch a movie or read a book, this activity causes us to experience different sensations or emotions.
  • Educate and teach something new. A brand must be an opinion leader and remain perceived as an expert in its field.
  • Able to teach others. What they did not know before about a topic that interests them or can strengthen their individual technical skills and abilities.
  • SEO-optimized content. All the pieces you place must remain developed with  SEO techniques
  • Remember the 80-20  content rule. 80% of your content should be evergreen and 20% seasonal content.
  • The objective of carrying out a content strategy is to position the brand organically and generate valuable content for its audience. It is the most economical way to achieve leads if you want to achieve leads.


You can reach your target audience and increase conversions with effective content marketing.  Ensure you create genuine connections with your potential customers, nurturing them with valuable content.  Your brand must become a means of communication and build its audience within its assets.

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