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About Product Adidas 4d Shoes


The Adidas 4D Run 1.0 is a technology-neutral running and training shoe that stands out from the crowd. The 4D Run 1.0 features a numerically printed midsole based on 17 years of analyzed data from athletes of 4,000 runners. These data looked at the pressure maps of every time the runners landed. The knowledge of this data has been used to 3D print the lattice structure of the midsole to cushion and support the feet in the areas that need it most.

It offers under the foot a softer heel landing and a firmer midsole as it moves to the front of the foot. It results in a smooth and stable ride, with the correct balance of support under the foot’s arch. In addition, its technology sacrifices the shoe’s weight, reaching the heavier side at 12.9oz. This balances with a thin, breathable, lightweight upper in a range of eye-catching and style-conscious patterns. This running shoe is not for somebody who wants to go unnoticed!

Product Description Adidas 4d Fwd Running Shoes

Product Description Adidas 4d Fwd Running Shoes


It is how the 3-stripe brand presents its Adidas 4DFWD sneakers. And also a high-end product that seeks to provide an alternative to its higher-performance foams for speed and endurance racing. With a light, minimalist silhouette and an innovative sole unit, this is the future showcase for the German brand.

Working closely with U.S.-based 3D printing and technology company Carbon, 4DFWD has the world’s first 3D printed midsole: the FWD Cell. Designed to compress and expand based on dynamic tread statistics, this midsole transforms vertical gear pressure into forwarding momentum that will keep you at the front of the pack. To top it off, the rubber outsole, with an ultra-flexible diamond pattern reminiscent of Stretchweb, produces highly competent traction on asphalt and urban surfaces.

But innovations are not limited to a single unit. The top of the 4DFWD also has a new material: PRIMEKNIT+ is a flexible mesh that adapts anatomically to the shape of the foot and provides phenomenal breathability in all conditions. This sock-like support remains combined with an efficient lace closure that wraps around the midfoot for stability and support. Runners chase progress with every step.

That’s why we use data from thousands of athletes to inform the design of these running shoes.

They have an Adidas 4D midsole that remains precisely coded to absorb impact. Support your gait, and make running a little easier. Since you have interested, you may also read this article: How does Work Marketing Campaign

Who Should Buy The Adidas 4D

If it’s a pick or pass between running shoes, the Adidas 4D is a definite choice for those looking for a:

  • summer-ready running shoe that offers a fun and lively ride and also
  • road shoe that is stable and comfortable enough to walk and gym training

Adidas 4D the Shoe of the Future

Adidas 4D the Shoe of the Future

Futuristic is the best way to describe the Adidas 4D, and almost everyone loves it! A running newbie says, “It’s equal to or better than what’s shown in the picture, 100% recommended.” “I love the unique design of these bad guys,” exclaims another commenter.

Apart from the design, “color is a bomb!!” too, another Adidas loyalist happily expresses. His general thoughts? It’s a must-buy.


If you’re looking for a running or casual shoe with the latest 3D printing technology, the Adidas 4D Run 1.0 is a must. But, simultaneously, you may not want to run a marathon in it due to its lack of structure. And also, it is soft and comfort, and you see the part. And also, above, you will find information about Adidas 4D, which is useful for those searching for them.

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